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Our engineers, designers, mold makers, and project managers have extensive experience supporting timely product launches from a broad range of industry applications.


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KTM supports the medical industry by developing high-performance tooling for both devices and diagnostics components. KTM can provide expertise with LSR / thermoset and thermoplastic applications, including capabilities in multishot, overmold, and insert applications.

Consumer Products

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KTM works with OEM / brand-owners and custom molders to expedite and optimize the manufacturing process and fast-track consumer products to market. Capabilities for prototyping and proof-of-performance molds result in robust and high-performance tooling systems.


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With decades of experience, KTM has provided expertise in the engineering, design, development, and delivery of tooling systems for the automotive industry, from the instrument panel to under-hood to fuel delivery systems – including related markets in off-road, agriculture, construction, and commercial vehicles.

Water Treatment

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Striving to support and enable a sustainable future, KTM works with water treatment and filtration companies to provide engineering, design, fixturing, and tooling solutions for their injection molded components.


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Along with tooling systems for standard parts, Insert, Overmold, and Multishot capabilities enhance the design and features of electronics-related components to create long-term and reliable performance characteristics.


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From HVAC systems to machinery components, to parts used in industrial generator equipment, KTM has the experienced personnel and equipment technologies to support this multifaceted market.

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