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An overview of several customer applications where KTM’s experience, insight, and innovative approach enabled on-time and on-target achievement. Our engineering team brings decades of successful problem solving and optimization strategies to facilitate bringing your product to market.

Medical device component with challenging surface features

KTM Industries worked closely with our customer’s engineering and production teams – a custom molder of medical devices – to support their efficient and effective cleanroom production of a component used in an airway management adapter. Our engineering and design team, through Design for Manufacturing best practices, created a mold with two-stage side actions to eliminate parting lines on each end. Modest part draft and minor tweaks to the radii of the part design aided in proper removal of the slides and ejection of the part.



DFM facilitates injection mold performance and overall processing efficiency

KTM Industries completed a thorough DFM - Design for Manufacturing analysis and study, for a medical device start-up company introducing a new product to the urology market. KTM assisted their product development engineering team with a complete interrogation of their product design strategy, and significantly aided the performance and processing characteristics of both their single shot and multi-shot / multiple material components used in their product for the urology field.



Post-molding value-add processes enabled by innovative fixturing

Products manufactured for the water filtration and purification industries carry the requirements of long-term stability and performance. Our customer’s product line provides its users with a modular approach, allowing its systems to be tailored for the specific water conditions in the installation area. That meant that several components in the canister system required post-molding CNC machining operations to allow for various flow paths. The KTM solution included automated fixtures to present appropriate surface areas to the CNC tool, allowing different parts numbers to be made by universal blanks.



Thin-wall tooling techniques result in lowering material content and production costs

One of our valuable customer’s molds for vacuum canisters used in emergency rooms, urgent care, and other areas of hospitals and clinics.  KTM’s precision mold making and extensive experience in designing and building injection molds to produce a thin-wall product, allows our customer to utilize less resin to create a thinner and lighter part – resulting in a lower cycle time and lowering the cost of production.  These molds also underwent extensive finishing and polishing operations, giving these components a glass-like surface finish.

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