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KTM’s engineering team has the experience and insight to optimize your injection molds and tooling systems to meet your project requirements.

It begins with a thorough interrogation of your part model using design-for-manufacturing best practices.

It culminates in the delivery of a world-class tooling system, ensuring cost-effective and long-term piece part production while facilitating efficient maintenance.




LSR - Liquid Silicone Rubber


Multishot (multiple component)

Multishot LSR

TPEs, TPUs, urethanes, acetals, acrylics and other specialty materials / engineered resins

Die Cast

Magnesium (Thixomolding)

Multishot Mold Technologies


- Rotary Stack / Rotary Spindle
- Indexing Plate
- Rotary Platen
- Core-Pull / Toggle
- Robotic Transfer


Collapsible Core


Multiple Inserts / Modular Sets

Stack / Toggle-Stack

Living Hinge


Thin Wall


In Mold Decoration / Label

Prototype - Pilot / Proof-of-Performance - Production Molds


At KTM Industries, we are all about delivering performance and results for our customers. We do that through our performance-based engineering and design services. To that end, we have expanded our CAD/CAM platform with Cimitron, PowerMill and SolidWorks – providing a flexible platform facilitating the design and manufacture of injection molds and dies. Comprehensive capabilities include surface and solid modelling, plastic flow front analysis, 3D tool design and two, three and five-axis milling strategies.

Utilizing industry best practices experience with advanced comprehensive molding process simulation technologies

  • Identifying and resolving part geometry challenges enabling cost-effective manufacture while maintaining Industrial Design integrity


  • ​Steel selection to assist in part stability, thermal control, and extended performance


  • ​Designing the most efficient and effective cooling circuits for aggressive cycle and part stability


  • Mold designs that facilitate efficient preventive maintenance procedures and repair


  • Mold design techniques (family-mold, multiple-inserts, stack, rotary stack, toggle-stack, indexing plate, core-pull…) to optimize the strengths of our customers' preferred manufacturing methods

Complete Product and Part Development
From prototype to production launch

Turn-Key Manufacturing Cells
Integrating tooling, secondary operations, assembly and automation - optimized for long-term efficiency and productivity

Injection Mold Service
Repair, Refurbishment, Engineering Changes, and Preventive Maintenance
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