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MAKINO 5-Axis High-Speed Machining

5-Axis Trode machining_2.jpg

KTM’s new Makino D200Z, integrated with an Erowa Technology, Inc. System Solutions Robot Compact 80, has significantly expanded and enhanced our shop’s capabilities and capacities for electrode manufacturing with 24/7 lights-out machining.


The D200Z is a High-Speed 5-Axis Machining beast, delivering accuracy and quality – a perfect fit for the needs of KTM customers.


Thank you to Steve Klug and the Single Source Technologies SST - Wisconsin Team for your great service and support!

More New Equipment

KTM Manufacturing Solutions just welcomed these three hard-workers to our shop floor – Okamoto Corporation Precision Systems LINEAR618B Manual-Feed Surface Grinders.


Now, these guys don’t get the adoring fan base and ooohs & ahhhs of high speed 5-Axis machine centers, but they’re OK with that. They GRIND, and they get the tough jobs done.

Coming very soon – a few photos of our new Makino High Speed 5-Axis Machine Center. The automation system is scheduled to arrive next week!

New Equipment

New Equipment 1.jpg

KTM just took delivery of our new MAKINO D200Z Vertical 5-Axis High-Speed Machine – which, in case you are not aware, incorporates extreme speeds and precision for tighter tolerances and flawless blends and matches in complex 3-D contoured workpieces.


We’ll be using the D200Z to create electrodes for our EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining processes.

Thanks to our supply and service partners Single Source Technologies / Makino and PW Walsh for helping us make it happen.

Investments in Productivity

We have certainly been very busy around here - designing and building injection molds, completing custom fabrication and machining projects... and we've also been rennovating our work areas and bringing new machining technologies to the shop floor.

We've added more office areas and workspaces for our toolmakers and engineers. We are redecorating our conference room and lobby areas, upgrading our Quality Lab, new exterior signage... quite a facelift.


While we recognize the importance of our history, we are positioning our people, equipment and facility for today and tomorrow.


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