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High-Performance Tooling Systems

For thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding

Engineered, designed, and developed by mold makers with decades of industry-leading experience and expertise

KTM Industries provides our customers with decades of industry-leading experience in the engineering, design, development, and successful on-time launch of qualified high-performance tooling systems. We provide a complete development solution – integrating design-for-manufacturing, comprehensive process simulation, and strategic steel & alloy selection.


From concept prototypes to proof-of-performance pilot tooling to optimized high-volume

injection production molds, KTM hits the launch window to support the success of your project.

KTM’s engineering team has the experience and insight to optimize your injection molds and tooling systems to meet your project requirements. It begins with a thorough interrogation of your part model using design-for-manufacturing best practices.


  • Identifying and resolving part geometry challenges enabling cost effective manufacture while maintaining Industrial Design integrity

  • Steel selection to assist in part stability, thermal control and extended performance

  • Designing the most efficient and effective cooling circuits for aggressive cycle and part stability

  • Mold designs that facilitate efficient preventive maintenance procedures and repair

  • Mold design techniques (family-mold, multiple-inserts, stack, rotary stack, toggle-stack, indexing plate, core-pull…) to optimize the strengths of our customers preferred manufacturing methods

Injection mold components

KTM Core Values


KTM is committed to the safety and health of our employees, following global health and safety standards, policies, best practices, and local legal requirements. Our team keeps our facility clean and properly organized to maintain a healthy and positive work environment. We take care of each other so we can take care of business.



We are driven to go beyond our customer’s expectations, striving to deliver innovative and timely solutions. We rely on, collaborate with, and learn from each other every day. We look for every opportunity to increase our skillset and share our knowledge and experience with others. Our goal is to succeed together, every time.

Injection mold building shop floor


We encourage and support our employees, customers, and supply chain partners to be environmentally responsible – reusing, repurposing or recycling whenever possible. KTM proactively uses lean manufacturing techniques, continuous improvement, and efficient machining technologies to reduce waste, conserve energy, and optimize raw material usage. Our goals are to create safe and healthy environments for our employees, our communities, and our industry.

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